Automated Analytics Insights

Elevar continually analyzes your Google Analytics data and returns up-to-date analysis for your team (or ours) to improve your business KPIs.


How it Works

Elevar mines your data, automates the analysis, and provides curated insights to take action. Consider Elevar your trusty 24/7 data analyst assistant — always there to provide optimization and marketing tips. 


Create weekly or monthly goals of any KPI and dimension combination. Elevar then uses up to 5 years of historical data to model a forecast to help you take action on future trends.

Automated Insights

Why is conversion rate dropping? Where are users exiting my funnel? What channels are producing the most revenue? These are just a few of the questions that Elevar can help answer instantly.

Custom Reports

Use pre-built or build your own custom reports to share with your team to monitor your forecasts and key insights to your business. Collaborate through shared notes to track progress.

Discover conversion opportunities at a glance

Elevar automates the analysis of thousands of data points to save you time from manually pulling reports on a regular basis. Plus, Elevar has the experience to know where to look for opportunities to help maximize your revenue potential.

actionable insights

Learn how to take action while analyzing

We understand staring at charts and graphs doesn’t tell the complete picture. That’s why all of Elevar’s insights come with tips on what data you’re looking at, why it’s important, and how you can act on it. Plus we’re always available for 1:1 questions!

We want you to spend more time strategizing and less time analyzing your data.

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