Radically Simplifying Analytics Tagging

Elevar empowers eCommerce brands using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to scale faster. How? With rich customer data collection, visual analytics tagging, and automated monitoring of analytics and marketing conversion data.



Stio increased their site speed by 27% with Elevar’s tagging and audit improvements.


Raycon increased their product page conversion rate by 10% with Elevar.


CoverFX increased their conversion rate by 119% with Elevar.

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5 Tagging Mistakes That Waste Thousands of Dollars

Avoid these 5 critical mistakes we see eCommerce businesses make to save thousands and increase your paid search ROAS.

Clean Up Your Data

Before you can analyze and optimize, you need to have a solid data foundation in place. Our solutions turn complex implementations (like a complete data layer setup) into simple 1-click implementations that anyone can execute.

We offer an all-in-one solution in our 1 year and PRO plan. Or you can purchase a-la-carte.

Solutions available:

  • Chrome Extension to quickly create Google Analytics custom events via Google Tag Manager
  • Complete Google Analytics and GTM Audit & Implementation
  • Google Tag Manager Suite that automates the setup of data layer and all marketing tags (for Shopify only)
  • Subscription analytics app that sends recurring order data to Google Analytics (for Shopify only)

Analyze & Optimize

If you find yourself stuck trying to extract actionable insights from Google Analytics then you are not alone! Our 1-click Google Analytics integration translates your data into revenue based opportunities, custom alerts, and you can create your own custom funnel using any combination of pageview and event data.

Prevent Errors That Waste Spend

Do you wish your marketing pixels would just “work” and stop breaking? Broken or inaccurate pixel data is expensive.

Elevar helps with:

  • 100’s of pre-built tag templates to get any marketing channel up and running, quickly
  • Monitors all marketing tags (e.g. FB, AdWords, Snapchat, Criteo, etc)
  • Monitors all tracking events (e.g. Add to Carts, Purchases, etc)
  • Monitors your entire data layer (e.g. SKU, revenue, etc)

And this is for 100% of your website users. Plus – no additional code needs to be added to your website. Everything is completed inside of Google Tag Manager.

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"Amazing feedback, support, and optimizations. The team is extremely knowledgeable, and shares that info transparently. Education and execution are the hallmarks of the platform, but more importantly, of the team."
"The Elevar team is responsive and eager to help. We now feel that our site analytics are in a great place, and we get so much value in working with the Elevar Team."
"I have a much better understanding of how minor changes can hugely impact different KPIs. The eCommerce strategy has also been greatly beneficial to how we think about long-term strategy and how we operate day-to-day."

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