Worried You’re Making Decisions on Data You Can’t Trust?

Elevar helps growing Shopify brands track the right data and turn this data into insights.


Conversion Rate Falling Flat?

Learn 9 mistakes that we see preventing Shopify stores from scaling efficiently.


Grow Your Revenue Per Visitor by 10%

Over 1,000 stores use Elevar to simplify their data analysis, event tracking, and insight generation.


Build Your Own Funnels

Have you ever wanted to know how users are navigating your site but are left stuck without answers?

With Elevar you can create funnels to see exactly where users are leaving. Plus you can break down by marketing channel, device type, and more.

The Easiest Way to Tag Your Site With GTM

If you can see it then you can track (and analyze) it. Point and click your way to create custom events while browsing your website. Automatically imported to GTM.

How Much Revenue Can You Make?

Have you ever wondered what the impact of changing your add to cart % could have on your bottom line?

With Elevar you won’t have to guess anymore. Revenue opportunity calculations are available across all of your key metrics.

If you need help with tag management or conversion optimization - Elevar is your secret weapon.

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The content was awesome. The challenge was not knowing where our challenges were/are. We consider ourselves digitally literate but not Pro's, and having this step-by-step program is awesome. I definitely feel more confident about what is under the hood.

– Willem Jagtman

Co-Founder, Vertellis
I feel more comfortable in tag manager for sure - though I'm aware of the trap of "knowing enough to be dangerous". I have a better sense of the data I have, and some thoughts about future testing I could do. I really appreciated the level of help and attention from the team.

– Martin Connelly

Founder, Little Red Cup Tea Company
I was not not up to date on analytics and now I have a much better handle on my data.

– Daniel Murray

Founder, Gent Supply Co.

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