Automated Analytics Insights

Elevar mines your eCommerce data, automates the analysis, and provides curated insights for you to take action. Consider Elevar your trusty 24/7 data analyst assistant — always there to provide optimization and marketing expertise. 


See where to focus optimization efforts

Elevar automates the analysis of thousands of data points to save you time from manual (or lack of) analysis. Plus – you’ll see the potential revenue improvement across insights to help you prioritize where to take action first.

conversion opportunities
learn while optimizing

Anomaly detection to save you time

Anomaly detection automatically triggers alerts based on changes to your KPIs and business forecasts. Alerts are triggered based on day/day, week/week, and month/month analysis.

Forecasting to navigate business trends

With Elevar you have the ability to create any forecast with any of your data points using up to 5 years of historical data. Want to see how organic traffic is trending? Or how about forecasting your holiday traffic funnels? Elevar has you covered.

elevar forecasts

Even Google loves us!


If you struggle with lack of time or resources to optimize - Elevar is your secret weapon.

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