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Automate your eCommerce analysis.

Do you wish you had more time to dig through analytics to find insights to improve your business? We do too. Elevar helps surface insights from your data to help give you more power in marketing decisions. Try it out!

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Fast Analysis

Sifting through Google Analytics data (daily!) is rarely efficient. When you authenticate Elevar, he'll surface your data's most critical takeaways automatically.

Recommendations for Action

Gain instant access to more than 100 insights and analytics reports from your data, broken down by channel, with recommendations that you can apply to your own marketing strategy.

Roadmap to KPI Success

Save insights you'd like to track to your roadmap. Elevar will continue to monitor your data and bring any potential issues to your attention. Consider him your own personal assistant!

Get the data you need to make decisions. Faster.

100% of roadmaps are never fully executed. By the time data is pulled, analyzed and delivered, the insights are stale. Elevar automates what used to take 40 hours, and does it in two. So you have more time to grow your business.

Elevar | Personalize Conversion
Elevar | Personalize Conversion Elevar | Personalize Conversion

Any site, any platform.

Do you want advanced insights on how product reviews and ratings, curated by Yotpo or Power Reviews, impact conversions? Elevar can tell you. Not only does he surface insights from your Google Analytics data, he also analyzes your home, category, and product pages. You'll also receive a platform-specific Google Tag Manager container to unlock even more insights.

Happy customer. Just look at him <3

“I know I can turn to Elevar to find the lowest hanging fruit with the highest ROI. That type of assistant saves time for our whole team.”

Zachary Hudson, Global Ecommerce Manager at PurePharma

Limited time pricing.

While in beta we are only charging a one-time $49 fee for access to Elevar. All of our beta users will have a voice to help prioritize our v1 feature roadmap as well. See how Elevar helps you spend less time on what's not working and more time improving your business.

Elevar | Personalize Conversion