Automated Analytics Insights

Elevar’s app automatically analyzes your Google Analytics and returns up-to-date analysis for your team (or ours) to improve your business KPIs.

Insights Automation & Reporting

Elevar mines your data, automates the analysis, and provides curated insights to take action. Consider Elevar your trusty 24/7 data mining assistant — always there to provide optimization and marketing tips. 

Predictive Forecasting

Trash your weekly KPI spreadsheets. Set your weekly or monthly goals and Elevar will track and predict your trends so you can course correct early to stay ahead of competition.

Automated Insights

Acquisition. Conversion. Retention. Leverage Elevar’s personalized reporting to discover opportunities your eCommerce store can capitalize on across all shopping stages.

Custom Reports

Use pre-configured or build your own custom reports to share with your team or clients to monitor your KPI forecasts and key insights to your business.

Automated Google Analytics
Data Analysis

Elevar automates the analysis of thousands of data points to help save you time from manually compiling reports on a regular basis. We know where to look for conversion opportunities and analyze your account in seconds.

KPI reports

Conversion Optimization

Digging through data in search of opportunities to a/b test in addition to marketing channel optimization is time consuming. Put Elevar to the test to help cut hours of work down to minutes.

Our Customers

From IR 500’s to startups, we employ decades of eCommerce and marketing experience to help you grow your business.

"Within minutes Elevar paid for itself by finding wasteful spend and even showed us where and how to fix it."

– Steve Boothe

President, Direct Sports
"Elevar is a great tool that solves a very difficult challenge when managing multiple clients. We see a lot of features that we've been looking for to gain efficiency. This can be really powerful for our digital analysts team."

– Data Analyst

Data Analyst Lead, eCommerce Agency
"I don't have time to dig through Google Analytics daily to find places to optimize. I can count on Elevar to do this for me, which helps me be more efficient and informed."

– Will Bebee

eCommerce Manager, Pure Fishing

$850 million in revenue analyzed, and growing

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