Trust Your Data With Elevar

Trusting the accuracy of your data is a challenge due to rise in tracking preventions, theme customizations, iOS, ad blockers, and more. Enter Elevar. Built to solve for the future of your tracking needs with a robust data layer trusted by over 6,500 Shopify brands.

1. Customized & Robust Data Layer

Gain complete control over the data layer and tracking of customer data for Google Analytics and your marketing tags. Plus you can launch server side tagging and FB Conversion API in minutes.

2. Connect Server-Side Destinations

Get server-side tracking launched in minutes to maximize the data collected and sent to each of your marketing channels (and Google Analytics & GA4). No technical expertise required.

3. Monitor Your Tracking for Accuracy

With built-in conversion monitoring enabled on your data layer and server-side destinations, you’ll know the performance of your data collection in real-time for each channel.

Elevar Data Layer

Additional Features

What else is there for you with Elevar Data Layer

Facebook Conversion API

Elevar sends all standard events, including subscriptions, to Facebook CAPI. We also integrate with all subscription partners like ReCharge and Skio, as well as post-purchase upsells like Rebuy, Zipify, and Carthook.

GA4 Integration

Unlock the power of the new Google Analytics 4 with Elevar’s completely built data layer that includes all eCommerce events. Plus we’ve enhanced with user property data like LTV and total order count.

Conversion Monitoring

Get the complete picture of your conversion performance by channel. Elevar automatically compares data sent to each of your destinations to your source of truth – Shopify. Plus view orders in real-time to analyze attribution performance.

Site Speed Improvements

The Elevar data layer has been optimized to only include Shopify fields necessary for the dataLayer events. Plus you can now turn off certain events to further reduce unnecessary code on your website.

GDPR & Consent Mode

Need to comply with CCPA or GDPR? Now your marketing tags can be automatically implemented with your third party consent tool (like OneTrust) to maximize conversion tracking accuracy.

Real-Time Purchase Feed

Elevar automatically stores multiple UTM touchpoints across your customer journey. You can view this attribution data in your dashboard to validate exactly what was sent to each marketing destination (i.e. “pixel”).

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Over 6,500 Shopify Stores Trust Elevar With Their Data

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