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Ensure that 100% of your conversions are tracked and delivered to your marketing channels like Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, GA4, and 40+ other channels with Elevar’s server-side tracking. Plus boost Klaviyo flow performance by 2-3x with Session Enrichment.

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Marketers, analysts, and Shopify brand owners use Elevar for accurate conversion tracking

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If any of this sounds familiar, you need Elevar

  • I need to improve tracking quality due to iOS changes
  • I’m still using native Facebook or GA integrations with Shopify
  • My server-side tracking is lacking
  • My existing tracking in GTM, my theme, and apps is a mess
  • I need a better Facebook CAPI setup for Shopify
  • I need my tracking to integrate with my Consent provider
  • I don't trust my Google Analytics data (or need GA4)
  • I want to upgrade to Shopify Checkout Extensibility
  • My agency needs me to fix my tracking for Google Ads, Facebook, GA
  • I want a first party User ID to recognize returning users without relying on cookies
  • Facebook is under-performing and think it could do better
  • I’m missing conversions in Google Ads impacting performance
Tagging Automation

Automatically track each customer journey and achieve 99% conversion accuracy

People Click Your Ads

Conversion tracking starts with knowing which channel the shopper is coming from.

People Browse Your Website

Conversions can be product views, add to cart, purchases, etc.

Conversions Sent to Destinations

Elevar pushes your conversion data server-side to marketing channels with near 100% accuracy (and GDPR compliant).

All Around Data

3 Types of Data Collected

Elevar's job is to collect the maximum amount of attributable data to send to each of your marketing destinations.

Product & Order Data

This is the data you'd expect to see in each of your tags that appears in pixel helpers -- product sku, price, brand, revenue, transaction IDs, etc.

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Customer Data

This is data such as email, user identifier, customer id, phone, addresses, etc. This data collection can be integrated with consent providers like OneTrust.

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Attribution Data

The most critical data for your marketing channels to attribute clicks to conversions. This data includes click IDs, cookie values, UTM parameters, and other data related to session stitching.

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Do More with 50+ Integrations With Elevar

With real-time event monitoring and integrations with Facebook Conversion API, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok, and 40+ more digital marketing channels

Built for Shopify

Power your pixels and analytics with complete datasets

 Instantly deploy a Google Tag Manager data layer, server-side tracking, session enrichment, and real-time performance monitoring so your marketing platforms are always fully optimized.

Privacy Enabled Data Layer

Our data layer and webhook integrations capture user behavior, marketing attribution data, customer data, and consent mode status.

This data is then used to power server-side tracking in Elevar or tags in your own Google Tag Manager account.


Client-Side & Server-Side Tracking

Most marketing channels are moving to server-side tracking to ensure 100% of first party data is collected to improve performance reporting and audience automations.

With Elevar, you can publish server-side tracking to Conversion APIs in a few clicks.

Or if you prefer client-side tracking, then utilize Elevar’s Pre-Built Tag library to use in GTM.

2-3x Klaviyo Flow Performance

Leveraging Elevar’s Session Enrichment and Klaviyo server-side integration, our customers consistently experience a 50% or greater increase in product view and add-to-cart events.

This results in more abandoned flow emails being sent and a direct boost in ROI from your Elevar integration.

Recognize Returning Users with Session Enrichment

Boost your marketing performance: Elevar’s Session Enrichment instantly improves campaign ROI by recognizing returning users & enhancing data sent to Facebook CAPI, Klaviyo, Google Ads, and more!

Launch GA4 and Enrich with Events

Is GA4 setup for success ahead of the July 2023 sunset date of Universal Analytics? Elevar helps automate the setup of accurate server-side tracking for GA4 and Universal Analytics. Plus our point-and-click Chrome Extension allows you to quickly add event tracking across your website that syncs with Google Tag Manager.

enrich ga data

Boris Hodakel

Founder, Feel

“A gift that we have something like this that can be deployed with just a couple of clicks which makes my life easier…and I don’t get anxiety when I need to add something new.”

Gabriel S. Dias

Head of Digital & Growth, Vessi

“We’ve tripled in size which is quite a milestone. And our conversion rate has gone up significantly even with high volume of paid social traffic.”

Dylan Kim

Co-Founder, Brevitē

“15x’d our business in 3 years since working with Elevar. Laying down the foundational work early so we could see that growth was key to our success.”

One Central System

Elevar simplifies the growing complexity of tracking and user identification all in one place

Your marketing team feels confident and sees their campaign performance improve. You get peace of mind, better performance, and more revenue.

  • Improve ad performance with better analytics
  • Reduce the cost to acquire new customers
  • Fully managed, and DIY server-side plans
  • Real-Time Conversion Reporting
  • Sitewide data layer for Google Tag Manager
  • CCPA and GDPR consent integrations
  • Automated tracking alerts
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Expert installation and setup options
  • 99% conversion accuracy - guaranteed
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars on Shopify's app store
  • 24 hour, 6 days a week customer support

Conversion Accuracy

Implement Elevar’s fully managed server-side tracking and we guarantee 99% of your purchase data will be successfully delivered to all of your server-side marketing destinations.

30 DAY

Money Back Guarantee

Our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee is available on all plans. We’re invested into your success.

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