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Ensure that 95% of your conversions – from Facebook to Google Analytics and 30+ other channels – are tracked to take control of your attribution. Tag your site, trust your data, and scale faster.

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If any of this sounds familiar, you need Elevar

  • I need to improve tracking quality due to iOS14 and Safari ITP
  • My Google Tag Manager and data layer is a mess
  • I want server-side tracking but am unsure where to start
  • I want to DIY my server-side tracking via GTM
  • I don't trust the accuracy of my Google Analytics data
  • My marketing team needs sitewide Facebook CAPI
  • My tags and pixels are scattered everywhere and have issues
  • I need proper tags on ReCharge (or Carthook, Upscribe, etc)
  • It takes days (or weeks) to fix broken conversion tags
  • I'd scale faster if I trusted my conversion tracking
  • I'm lacking behavior insights from Google Analytics
Tagging Automation

Automatically track each customer journey and achieve 95% conversion accuracy

Bye-Bye Tracking Issues

Turn tracking into insights with accurate data that you can scale with

 Instantly deploy a Google Tag Manager data layer, server-side tracking, and ensure tracking never breaks without you knowing.

Always running in the background

User behavior and Shopify orders are automatically synced to Google Tag Manager and Elevar. Pageviews, events, and conversions trigger in real time so you have visibility into performance.

analyze performance

Analyze performance

When you’re analyzing performance in any of your marketing tools, you can trust that your conversion data is accurate.

Focus on strategy, not pixels

Old way: validating pixels daily.

New way: conversion tags monitored 24/7.

Gain peace of mind that your tracking is running smoothly.

enrich ga data

Enrich Google Analytics Data

Go beyond tracking 95% of revenue and accurate enhanced ecommerce reports. Empower your team to add behavior event tracking. Deploy GA4. Extract meaningful insights from your event data.

Launch New Channels

Ready to deploy a new marketing partner while remaining compliant? Choose from over 30 pre-built integrations for GTM and a growing list of server-side destinations to deploy new tracking in minutes.


Boris Hodakel

Founder, Feel

“A gift that we have something like this that can be deployed with just a couple of clicks which makes my life easier…and I don’t get anxiety when I need to add something new.”

Gabriel S. Dias

Head of Digital & Growth, Vessi

“We’ve tripled in size which is quite a milestone. And our conversion rate has gone up significantly even with high volume of paid social traffic.”

Dylan Kim

Co-Founder, Brevitē

“15x’d our business in 3 years since working with Elevar. Laying down the foundational work early so we could see that growth was key to our success.”

One Central System

Elevar simplifies the growing complexity of tracking all in one place

Your marketing team feels confident and sees their campaign performance improve. You get peace of mind, better performance, and more revenue.

  • Sitewide data layer for Google Tag Manager
  • Server side tagging with Google Tag Manager, or..
  • ..fully managed server side tracking with Elevar
  • 30+ marketing channel integrations
  • Compatible with ReCharge, Carthook, Upscribe, and more
  • Remain compliant with CCPA and GDPR integrations
  • Automated alerts on tracking errors
  • Sitewide Facebook Conversion API
  • Done-For-You onboarding to simplify setup
  • Analyze UTM data sent with Facebook purchase events
  • Point and click event tracking for Google Analytics
  • 24 hour, 6 days a week customer support

Conversion Accuracy

Follow our best practices and we guarantee 95% of your purchase data will be successfully delivered to Google Analytics and Facebook.

30 DAY

Money Back Guarantee

Our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee is available on all plans. We’re invested into your success.

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