We're crushing it! We've had our best quarter ever and I attest it to the continual process of improvements to our website. I can trust the Elevar team has my back.

Danielle DinelliDirector of eCommerce

CoverFx’s Challenge: Conversion &  Performance Issues

Slow pages. Declining conversion rate. Missing targets. The trifecta was leading to a very frustrating 2019 for CoverFx.

To make matters worse, the marketing team was struggling with Facebook and AdWords pixel tracking issues that was impacting their ability to scale marketing, effectively.

Enter Elevar

CoverFx enlisted Elevar to to perform an audit of their existing dataLayer and marketing tags to stabilize their marketing event tracking.

The Elevar team then conducted a three-pronged strategy to:

  1. Clean up the CoverFX data foundation via Elevar’s Google Tag Manager Shopify app
  2. Triage performance issues through consultation with Elevar technical team
  3. Surface insights that can be used in conversion optimization improvements

The goal? Get conversion rate and revenue back on track through any means necessary.

PRO Moves

CoverFx leveraged Elevar Server-Side to expedite an A/B testing program ahead of a site redesign. The goal of this was to apply learnings from testings before designs were completed.

Then, once the new design was implemented, continue to rapidly iterate and improve site conversion rates through Elevar.

The results? The best quarter ever!

With marketing campaigns firing on all cylinders + site speed under control + continually optimizing the site, CoverFx realized an eye-popping:

  • 119% increase in year over year conversion rate
  • 3.75% increase in AOV
  • 103% increase in revenue

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