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Stio’s Challenge: Site Performance Issues

Stio decided to make the move from Magento to Shopify and less than 6 months after the launch of their new site, they saw an unexpected dip in site performance which was putting their overall conversion rate at risk.

Unsure of what the cause of the slow down could be, Stio enlisted Elevar to review their site at a granular level to uncover and resolve the issue.

Turning Insights into Action

Guided by the insights surfaced by Elevar, the team conducted a full audit of Stio’s analytics to identify problematic pages on their site. Using data-driven insights uncovered as guidance, our technical lead conducted a comprehensive technical performance audit of Stio’s site. We found that the site performance issues stemmed from third party apps built into Stio’s website architecture.

Many of these apps were conflicting with one another, which unfortunately led to elaborate workarounds to make them function. These workarounds were at the root of the performance issues Stio was facing, and required a deep understanding of Shopify architecture and constant data monitoring to correct.

Data Driven Decisions for the Win

Elevar implemented a multi-faceted set of solutions to correct the issue which included refactoring a custom pricing model for Stio’s ambassador program. The results speak for themselves!

As shown in the graph below, you can see the correlation of page speed going down while conversion rate goes up!

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