With Elevar's helpful and informative analysis, we've seen tremendous improvement in our overall paid search performance.

Anna ShufordOwner, Smockingbird

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Smockingbird Challenge: Increase ROAS Without Increasing the Budget

After achieving an impressive rapid growth period of 50% year over year, Smockingbird’s sales began to stagnate. This is a common problem many growing small businesses face at some point, and their hunch was that some channels were underperforming and prohibiting growth.

Like many business owners, the Smockingbird team was not able to dedicate the time needed to extract insights from their data, and they were unsure of the best place to begin in correcting the problem.

Turning Insights into Action

After signing up with Elevar, customized insights pulled from their analytics data immediately surfaced a low ROAS on paid search. Elevar found that there were hundreds of keywords they were spending money on that were not giving them any return on revenue.

Elevar’s analysts then hopped in to give hands on assistance to help the team stop the bleeding by setting up proper campaigns for Google AdWords. A combination of many small but impactful changes vastly improved their paid search performance for ROAS, total revenue, and cost per transaction.

Data Driven Decisions for the Win

Taking action on Elevar’s insights led to a 52% reduction in cost per transaction, 410% improvement in paid search revenue, 13x improvement in ROAS for Smockingbird — all done with only 10% increase in budget!

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