Making Decisions Based on Data You Don’t Trust?

The secret to a trustworthy data layer foundation isn’t a secret at all. It’s a process. Systematize this process and begin leveraging insights most will never have access to.


How We're Different

We’ve audited and fixed conversion tracking on thousands of eCommerce websites.

But our process is not just an audit.

And our “audits” don’t just look at Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is merely a spoke in your wheel of data needed to grow efficiently.

We find when a brand is in need of an audit/cleanup, it’s because they feel inaccurate data is negatively impacting marketing campaigns and business.

Or – inaccurate data is clouding conversion rate optimization opportunities.

That’s why our solution includes:

  • Dynamic data layer for Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics & GA4
  • Server-side tracking for key destinations like GA, Facebook CAPI, TikTok, Impact and more
  • Real-Time purchase activity feed
  • Conversion accuracy monitoring & alerting
  • GTM web container error monitoring
  • Advanced event tracking in Google Analytics
  • Support for custom checkouts like Recharge, Carthook, Zipify and more

Does This Sound Familiar?

One of our customers, Snow Teeth Whitening, was scaling up their marketing spend across multiple channels.

And each had their own unique tagging and conversion requirements.

They could have just relied on the standard Shopify theme..

..and copy & paste tracking snippets.

But they had custom landing pages built in-house and with Shogun.

Thus, their data layer and conversion tracking foundation was not uniform across the site.

Sound familiar yet?

If left untouched then they would have wasted thousands of dollars due to tagging errors. 

And – make decisions from Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Ads data that is inaccurate.

So they enlisted Elevar to clean up their data foundation to get this right.

The benefit?

They could scale spend and a/b test with confidence.

Data Foundation Solutions

Data Layer

Our Tag Management Suite is the leading data layer app on the Shopify app store. It’s been installed, tested, and iterated on over 6,000 Shopify stores.

Pre-Built Tags

Access over 30 pre-built marketing tag destinations that only require your pixel ID to be deployed to your site. Facebook, Google Ads, Criteo, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.

Server-Side Tracking

Quickly connect data sources to server-side marketing destinations like Facebook CAPI, GA, and TikTok. No complex technical integration required.

data foundation

One-Time Add-Ons Available for 1:1 Support

Onboarding Expertise

Need your setup and migration of your old tracking done for you? No problem. We have a team of analysts available to help ensure a smooth transition of your tracking.

Data Collection Audit

This audit will focus on Google Analytics and sitewide marketing tracking. Once the audit is complete you’ll receive a personalized plan on what we recommend implementing and how to do it. Our analysts will work with you to implement the recommendations and fixes.

Google Tag Manager Support

We leverage the power of GTM to help manage your Google Analytics, marketing tags, and user behavior data. This provides change control power to non-technical users and helps proactively manage site speed.

Over 6,500 brands trust Elevar with their data

We’ve built the leading GTM app on Shopify. Have helped hundreds of thousands of GTM users through our free guides. And are official Shopify Plus partners in the digital marketing vertical.


Interested in learning more?

Schedule a call with us. We’ll dig into your existing challenges and how we can help.


How do onboarding audits work?

Simple – you explain your current pain points and goals. We make our own suggestions on what we think you should implement based on your goals. Then we get to work on auditing, presenting the audits to you for approval, and then implementing.

Is this a software only solution?

No. In addition to our self-serve plans that you can manage on your own (Basic and Advanced), we offer PRO plans that include our analysts expert support.

Who is this best for?

Marketers looking for accurate conversion data across all managed platforms; business owners that need a data foundation they can trust and scale with; analysts that require accurate data to do their job.

Do I need to have a GTM account?

No you don’t. You can leverage our server-side tracking integrations without using GTM web containers.

Will this work for marketing/growth agencies?

Yes! This is even more important for marketing agencies. Think of this data foundation (in combination with our monitoring) as insurance for your performance campaigns. You more than anyone else knows the impact that broken tags can have on a campaign.