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The Main Difference

How are we different?


Blotout has a robust implementation with Cloudflare that can provide many technical benefits by routing your data collection through a Cloudflare endpoint. They also offer a tight-knit integration with Emotive (an alternative to Northbeam, Rockerbox, TripleWhale, etc) for your attribution reporting needs.

While Elevar and Blotout both see the same future where all tracking moves to server-side APIs, we aren’t there yet due to limitations on the channel pixels because most do not have proper APIs yet.

Benefits Comparison

Elevar makes it simple to integrate our product with your store and if you’re not happy or don’t see results then we’ll give you your money back.

Elevar Blotout
Conversion Accuracy Elevar guarantees 100% purchase conversion accuracy and displays this in your monitoring reports. Elevar is able to deliver on this promise due to a tigher integration with Shopify. No conversion accuracy promise.
Server-Side Tracking Elevar collects more mid-funnel events, like add to carts, and matches these events to user emails. More mid-funnel event capture means more abandoned cart email and SMS messages are sent via Klaviyo, Attentive, etc. Plus improved match rates on Meta and TikTok. Blotout also collects mid-funnel events, like add to carts and initiate checkouts, but relies solely on javascript running on your website to capture these events.
Shopify Integration Elevar is an official partner of Shopify and is also a certified app for the new checkout. We focus on a more comprehensive integration with Shopify which helps ensure the most accurate event and customer data is collected. According to Blotout’s documentation,they utilize the copy/paste Web Pixel Manager for checkout and conversion tracking.
Recognize Anonymous Users Elevar triangulates a user on your website based on multiple User IDs to power our Session Enrichment. The goal of this is to recognize returning users to your website without them having to log in. According to Blotout docs, Blotout generates their own ID for probalistic User ID matching.
Offline Orders Due to Elevar’s tigher integration with Shopify, you are able to send conversions captured from any channel to your marketing destination. This includes POS, Meta/IG Shop, Draft Orders, etc. Blotout does not offer this.
Monitoring Elevar monitors your conversion accuracy and will proactivley alert you if there is ever a drop below 95%. You can also view your conversion data collected in real-time. Plus Elevar can tell you exactly what % of your events have been enriched with email and phone #’s so you have a before/after comparsion. According to Blotout’s documentation, they do not offer this type of monitoring or visibilty into ongoing data capture improvement.
Flexibility You are able to customize key settings within each channel to suit your needs. This includes attribution customization, order value (subtotal vs revenue), product IDs, order IDs, offline channel orders to send (or block by order tag or channel), etc. Blotout offers very limited customization per channel according to their docs.
Privacy You can utilize any Consent Provider, including your own, with Elevar’s server-side tracking. Our Session Enrichment is also compatible with consent choices by your customers. If needed you can delete customer data directly from your dashboard. Blotout is also compatible with any Consent Provider. It’s unclear on how they handle customer data storage and/or requests for deletion.
Security Elevar uses Shopify’s app proxy which ensures that requests aren’t tampered with by utilizing a digital signature. Blotout does not use Shopify’s app proxy.
Technical Services Tracking is complicated and ever-changing which means our customers need hands-on support. Elevar offers custom onboarding services, monthly tracking support, and other analytics services to help support your needs. Blotout does not offer these services.

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