“Elevar was amazing in setting up all the events that we needed to have. Customer service has been fantastic…It’s just easy and comfortable.”

Beth HorriganeCommerce Operations, Freefly Apparel

Freefly Apparel increased its cart abandonment flow revenue by 6.4% within one month!

How did they do it?

The Challenge

When a potential customer abandons their online cart, reminder messages (like those from Attentive) need information about what that user was interested in.

But sometimes, Attentive never receives this info.

For example, if the user was on iOS (or Safari), the Attentive cookie expired, tracking was otherwise blocked, etc.

The Solution

Elevar can identify returning users to your website beyond the typical 24-hour cookie expiration that traditional tracking scripts depend on.

We call this Session Enrichment.


Firefly Apparel sent an additional 292 abandoned cart messages within four weeks, thanks to Elevar server-side data.

Recovering $2,439.34 in lost revenue.

screenshot showing increased revenue in abandoned cart campaign
Screenshot of Attentive, December 2023.

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