Real-Time Activity Tracking, Data Layer Consent Mode, and First & Last Touch UTMs

Explore the new product features to help build trust and visibility into your conversion tracking.

Real-Time Activity Tracking, Data Layer Consent Mode, and First & Last Touch UTMs

Brad Redding

Brad Redding is the Founder & CEO of Elevar. Specializing in analytics, tracking, GTM, and conversion optimization.

We are proud to announce that we just launched these much requested functions:

  1. Built-in Consent Mode integrations with OneTrust and Cookiebot (available on Basic, Advanced, and PRO Plans)
  2. Real Time Activity reporting (available on Advanced and PRO Plan with Elevar’s server-side tracking)
  3. Attribution Feed to view first and last touch UTMs captured on orders (available on Advanced and PRO Plans with Elevar or GTM server-side tracking)

New Feature: Consent Mode

Do you need to maintain GDPR (or other) compliance with your tracking integrations in GTM?

Elevar’s pre-built Cookiebot & OneTrust Tags allow you to add your Consent Banner onto your website + provides a building block for your GTM tags to listen for a shopper’s consent.

After importing, you’ll be able to use GTM’s Consent Mode to add Consent Requirements in bulk to your desired tags.

This is available for all customers on our Basic plans and up.

Learn more about how to configure this in your Data Layer settings.

New Feature: Real-Time Purchase Activity & Attribution Feed

real time server-side tracking

Merchants are often concerned about whether their tracking is working.

Here are some common questions we get (perhaps you face the same challenges..):

  • “Can you confirm Facebook is receiving all of my purchases?”
  • “How can I see what UTMs Elevar is capturing and sending to GA?”
  • “I’m only seeing 50 purchases attributed in Facebook today but I see 100 orders in Shopify where Elevar has Facebook click IDs stored. Where can I see this data?”

Answering these questions is what we obsess over.

In fact, we obsess over ensuring that every single server-side marketing channel connected through Elevar:

  1. Receives 100% of conversions
  2. Receives the maximum amount of attributable data with each event

When we achieve the above, our clients:

  1. Maximize the power of marketing channels by attributing conversions accurately and discovering new prospects
  2. Gain valuable insights to help them better run their business and improve marketing ROI

The Real-Time Purchase Activity and Attribution Feed features are now available for customers utilizing our server-side tracking.

Learn more about the Real-Time Purchase Activity feature here.

Learn more about the Attribution Feed feature here.

Are You New to Elevar’s Server-Side Tracking?

Over the last year we’ve invested heavily in what we call Elevar’s Fully Managed server-side tracking.

It’s an alternative to using Elevar’s GTM’s server-side container connected to Google Cloud (we still support both options).

Note: If you want to compare the two server-side options in more detail, check out our detailed comparison guide.

The goal of our Fully Managed option is to enable non-technical marketers to launch server-side tracking to collect first-party data AND help guarantee near 100% conversion accuracy without having to jump through Google Cloud server and DNS management hoops.

Elevar’s Fully Managed server-side tracking solution allows us to:

  • Monitor conversion accuracy 24x7x365
  • Quickly deploy server-side destinations including GA & GA4, Facebook CAPI, TikTok Events API, Criteo API, Voluum, and Impact CAPI
  • Offer features like real-time activity and attribution feeds

The term attribution is nuanced and means different things depending on the context of the conversation.

For Elevar and our clients, attribution data collected and sent to destinations helps:

  • Maximize the # of attributed transactions in Google Analytics (and minimize direct/none)
  • Maximize the amount of event data and # of attributed conversions in Google Ads, Meta, Impact Radius, etc
  • Maximize audience lists curated in platform

The attribution features we offer are meant to give our clients complete transparency into all of the data they are collecting —- and PUSHING to their marketing destinations.

We do not intend to compete with, but rather work with, attribution analytics solutions like Daasity, Northbeam, Rockerbox, and others who PULL data into their platform to help you understand which platform, media or content is generating revenue.

With Elevar’s Fully-Managed Server-Side Tracking, clients will be able to answer common questions like these right from their dashboard:

  • “Did Impact Radius (or TikTok, ShareaSale, etc) receive all orders today with the proper click IDs?”
  • “How can I see what UTMs and click IDs Elevar is capturing and sending to my destinations?”
  • “I’m only seeing 50 purchases attributed in Facebook today but I see 100 orders in Shopify where Elevar has Facebook click IDs stored. Where can I see this data?”

We’re going to continue to evolve and improve all of these features for you and welcome your feedback.

Want to check out these new server-side features? Existing customers can upgrade to Advanced Plan here and follow our in-app guides to go live.

If you’d prefer to talk with us first — simply reply with questions or schedule a call with our team.

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