Elevar Joins Forces with Buxton

We have exciting news to share: Elevar has officially joined forces with Buxton!

Elevar Joins Forces with Buxton

Kayle Larkin

Head of Marketing

Exciting news to share: Elevar has officially joined forces with Buxton!

In this article, we will:

  1. Introduce You to Buxton
  2. Explain Why Now
  3. What This Means For You

Let Me Introduce You to Buxton.

Buxton is a global leader in retail analytics with an impressive 30-year legacy of empowering retailers with insights into customer behavior and location intelligence solutions.

“Elevar and Buxton both place customer behavioral and journey analytics at the core of their products,” said Jim Swift, CEO at Buxton.

While our platforms have historically varied in approach, the integration of shared insights will be a winning combination,” continues Swift.

“As an omnichannel powerhouse, we aim to deliver intelligence that shapes the future of both online and in-store experiences.”

Learn more about how Buxton has helped organizations grow with data, technology, and analytics.

It’s important to note that Buxton is supported by private equity funding through PSG, further strengthening its capabilities and commitment to innovation.

Tanner Austin, Senior Vice President at PSG, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We believe that the complementary combination of Buxton’s innovation in analytics and Elevar’s conversion tracking platform will better serve customers across core end markets. We are excited to partner with Buxton and Elevar during this next phase of growth.”

Why Now?

This acquisition signifies a milestone in our journey that we couldn’t have achieved without your unwavering support.

Six years ago, Elevar embarked on a mission to revolutionize eCommerce’s approach to data analysis.

Our path has been a story of growth and learning, driven by our exceptional team and you—our invaluable customers.

We are dedicated to continuing to pioneer innovative solutions, unlocking new possibilities, and empowering merchants to thrive.

“As the lines of in-store and online shopping continue to blur, this synergy enables our customers to orchestrate extraordinary customer journeys and true personalized 1:1 marketing,” noted Brad Redding, CEO and Founder of Elevar.

What Does This Partnership Mean For You?

Elevar + Buxton coming together creates an omnichannel powerhouse.

This collaboration empowers you to curate exceptional customer journeys and execute authentic, personalized 1:1 marketing strategies.

We assure you that your experience with Elevar’s solutions and our support team remains unchanged.

This strategic partnership aims to enhance our capabilities to serve you better.

What’s Next?

Brad Redding, Founder & CEO of Elevar, and Jim Swift, CEO of Buxton, discuss the acquisition and what this means for the world of D2C and Retail brands on a recent Conversion Tracking Podcast [listen here].

You’ll learn a bit about Buxton’s history, the technology behind Buxton, and what it brings to Elevar’s customers.


Onwards and upwards,

Brad Redding & The Elevar Team

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