After going live with Elevar's Session Enrichment we noticed an immediate improvement in our ability to scale up to our target spend amounts.

Alex StarkCo-Founder, Ogee

About Ogee

Ogee is a luxury clean beauty company that provides high-performance, certified-organic skincare and makeup products made from sustainable ingredients. Founded in 2014, Ogee operates on Shopify Plus and has excelled in building a loyal, vocal customer base that heavily contributes to their digital campaigns. In fact, their recent Meta Case Study with Advantage Plus Campaigns is a testament to their success.

The Challenge

Ogee has partnered with Elevar since 2020, and their challenges and solutions have evolved over time.

When iOS14 was released, and there was a subsequent decline in Facebook performance, Ogee sought a Conversion API to improve the accuracy of Facebook Event Tracking and enhance the efficiency of spending on Facebook.

Fast forward to today, and brands like Ogee face several new hurdles:

  • Migrating to GA4
  • Recognizing returning users without relying on cookies
  • Improving the Event Match Quality scores of Facebook and other digital channels
  • Transitioning from client-side tracking (which is becoming less reliable) to server-side tracking
  • Boosting the ROI of Email and SMS automation flows

The Solution

Alex Stark, the Co-Founder of Ogee, chose Elevar to tackle their conversion tracking challenges. After implementing Elevar’s server-side conversion tracking solution, the Ogee team bypassed limitations from iOS and other browser tracking preventions, thereby improving tracking accuracy for Meta, Google, and additional channels as they expanded.


Alex comments, “We’ve managed to profitably scale our Facebook campaigns, in part, due to Elevar’s Conversion API integration. After launching with Elevar’s Session Enrichment, we observed an immediate improvement in our ability to scale up to our target spend amounts.”

Since then, the Ogee team has managed to:

  • Increase Meta reported ROAS while reducing CPMs
  • Maintain 100% conversion accuracy in Google Analytics & GA4
  • Boost Klaviyo’s abandoned browse and abandoned cart revenue by an additional 25%
  • Participate in new server-side tracking platforms such as Google Ads, TikTok, and others

Serving Thousands of D2C Brands

Elevar improves Facebook performance and capture more abandoned browse and cart users through server-side tracking and session enrichment.

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