We've more than 3x'd in revenue, and conversion rate is grown significantly even while we've scaled traffic through paid social channels that historically don't always convert as well.

Gabriel DiasHead of Digital & Growth

Vessi’s Challenge: Transition From Kickstarter To Unicorn

When Vessi and Elevar began working together in 2019, Vessi was coming off several extremely successful Kickstarter campaigns that produced millions of dollars in revenue.

But Vessi wanted to transition from Kickstarter to owning their own channel and brand on Shopify. Soon after launching on Shopify they partnered with Elevar to build a data foundation to power their sophisticated acquisition strategies and help build out their conversion rate optimization program.

The list of wins continues to grow with Elevar and Vessi:

  • Elevar powers Vessi’s sitewide data layer and marketing tags such as Google Ads, TikTok, Pinterest, and many more
  • Facebook Conversion API w/99% of purchase conversions sent successfully to Facebook
  • Server side Google Analytics tracking, including Recharge, with a 99% conversion accuracy compared to Shopify
  • Over 140 CRO experiments
  • 600% increase in revenue
  • 2.5x increase in conversion rate while 3x’ing sessions

Watch the video to learn more about how Vessi has transitioned from a Kickstarter brand to an amazing brand that has scaled so efficiently.

Plus they’ve built in an amazing way to do good by giving back big.

One of our favorite parts of the interview is how Vessi leveraged one custom behavior event on site that “drove an insane amount of revenue”.


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