Funnel Analysis Hack: View Next Page Path in Google Analytics

See how to view where people are clicking to from any page with this quick trick. See how to unlock your own insights!

Funnel Analysis Hack: View Next Page Path in Google Analytics

Have you ever wanted to know where people are going/clicking to from a particular page (like your home page)? Or how about these examples:

  1. What blog pages are driving the most traffic to your shopping pages?
  2. What pages are people going to after landing on the homepage?
  3. What products are people going to at the end of a product quiz?

Well this is where the next page path dimension in Google Analytics should help you. However they deprecated (i.e. stopped supporting) this metric several years ago so it’s useless! It is actually the same data as your page path dimension now.

So you’ll resort to having to use the Behavior Flow report in GA, right?

behavior flow in google analytics

My eyes hurt just thinking about having to use that! For some reason my brain can’t comprehend this report. I’ve tried…a lot. I just can’t make sense of it when there is a decent amount of data.

How to View Next Page Path in Google Analytics

This is easier than you’d expect and only requires a creative report!

This example will demonstrate the blog referral to shopping page example – i.e. how many people are you driving to shopping pages from your blog pages?

Step 1: Go to Google Analytics > Customization > Custom Reports > Create New Report

custom report in GA

Step 2: Set page & previous page path as dimensions and pageviews as metric

dimension and metrics for next page path report

Step 3: Set your report filters to include the previous page path of blog AND exclude the page of blog*

next page path report creation in ga

* you’ll need to change this to your own blog URL

Step 4: Save report and analyze your new insights!

That’s it. Once you save your report then you’ll see a list of pages in the first column that were the next page a user visited from the page listed in the 2nd column (which was the previous page path).

next page path report in google analytics

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you in the comments below.

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Brad Redding

Brad, co-founder of Elevar, has lived in eCommerce for over 12 years. He's helped design, build, and optimize over 100 websites in his career. From new retail startups to well-known brands like Le Creuset, Signature Hardware, Rebecca Minkoff, Char-Broil and more, he specializes in data analytics and conversion optimization to help achieve business goals.

  1. That’s a smart idea, Brad! I just created the report and it’s helping.

    I feel ya on not wanting to look at the Behavior Flow report for everything. 🙂

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