Why should I use Elevar’s tracking for my Shopify store?

In the eCommerce world, conversion tracking gives you the power to increase your ROI – but to really get the most out of tracking, consider investing in server-side. Here, you’ll learn why you should invest in Elevar’s server-side tracking for Shopify.

Why should I use Elevar’s tracking for my Shopify store?

Heather Osteen

Why You Should Invest in Elevar’s Server-Side Tracking for Shopify

Before we dig in and answer the question why you should invest in our server-side tracking solution, there’s been a lot of buzz about AI and as a content writer, I thought it would be interesting to compare how I would explain the “why” vs. how AI would answer the same question.

Following, 3 different versions of this blog post: The first is human-written, the second is Notion AI-generated, and the third was procured on chatGPT. Each one has value and different information to offer; it’s an interesting look into what AI has to say – and write –  about our topic. 

Here’s my opinion, albeit unsolicited: They’re each valuable in their own right, however, only as inspirational tools or a means to help jumpstart your own ideas. I’m not a fan of all of them – especially not anything that’s a “helper” as you’re writing, and that you have to add as a tool to your applications. ChatGPT doesn’t bother me in the least as a way to move past writer’s block, but I think, if you read the two posts below, Notion AI’s is a much superior tool. 

You’ll want to read to the end where I share a list of AI writing helpers + a GA4 event coming up with Elevar + Daasity CEOs!

The Human Post

Why should you use Elevar’s tracking for your Shopify store? 

The fastest answer to this question is that Elevar’s tracking for Shopify is simply more accurate, and will give you the information you need to get the most out of your advertising dollars. If you’re looking to increase your ROI on ad spend across your marketing channels, and through your affiliates, you need to look beyond what’s natively available, and although we’re biased, Elevar just makes sense (plus, check out all the love from our customers – their words are far more impactful than anything I can tell you about how great we are). 

If you’re only utilizing native options to track your conversions, you’re spending money on ad channels you shouldn’t – you aren’t seeing the forest (ad opportunities) for the trees (data that doesn’t tell you what you need to know). And you can’t know what you don’t know – utilizing a secondary conversion tracking service like Elevar lets you see what you’re missing, and with a professional or 3 to help you get there, it’s completely do-able (even if you don’t have a dev team, we’ve got you).

To get into more detail on this topic, we’re going to turn to a past blog post (Tracking 101), in which our own Jon Cairo, Solutions Engineer at Elevar, explains more about what you’re missing out on and why you need to add Elevar to your tracking efforts.  

What Does Elevar Do Again?

From our website: “Elevar’s job is to collect the maximum amount of attributable data to send to each of your marketing destinations.” Elevar collects:

  • Product & Order Data
  • Customer Data
  • Attribution Data

Once collected, that data is sent directly to the marketing channels you specify. It doesn’t go through ad blockers. It doesn’t have to fight its way through Javascript. So what you get is true first-party data that’s attributable. You know where you’re seeing success and where you need to back off on ad spend, and you have the power to optimize that data so your ROI continues to grow.

And “grow” can be a big word once you start applying 99% accurate data to your ad spend efforts – our customers experience “compound growth” with some frequency. 

In context: Let’s say you’re using accurate conversion tracking regularly, so over time, you can see where the bulk of your sales are coming from. Thus, you decide to move 5% of your marketing budget over to that highest performing channel. That year, you see a 10% growth in your business, and over the next seven years, your business doubles.

Here’s how that compound growth looks over time:

  • 10% growth per year, business doubles in 7 years
  • 20 % growth per year, business doubles in 3 years
  • 30% growth per year, business doubles in 2 ½ years”

Impressive, right? There’s a lot more information on the Tracking 101 blog post about the value of Elevar’s server-side tracking for your Shopify account, and there’s a whole podcast episode dedicated to the topic here as well, because, as Elevar’s own Jon Cairo explains,“It’s not that easy to do tracking right. It’s more difficult than a script in Google tag manager or in your store; it’s a technical thing to track effectively and accurately, and it’s just as complex as building your website.”

So get some professional tracking help, server-side: We’re ready when you are.

The Notion AI version:

Why should you use Elevar’s tracking for your Shopify store? 

Elevar’s tracking for Shopify stores offers several benefits that can help you better understand your customers and improve your online business. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using Elevar’s tracking:

  1. Improved data accuracy: Elevar’s tracking ensures that your data is accurate and reliable, by using advanced tracking technology that can capture data from a variety of sources, including Facebook and Google Analytics.
  2. Better insights into customer behavior: With Elevar’s tracking, you can gain deeper insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences, such as how they navigate your site, what products they view, and how they interact with your marketing campaigns.
  3. Enhanced marketing performance: Elevar’s tracking allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize your advertising spend.
  4. Simplified data management: Elevar’s tracking makes it easy to manage your data, by consolidating your tracking tags and streamlining your data collection process.
  5. Customizable tracking: With Elevar’s tracking, you can customize your tracking tags to fit your specific business needs, enabling you to track the metrics that matter most to you.

Overall, Elevar’s tracking for Shopify stores can help you improve your online business by providing more accurate data, better insights into customer behavior, and more effective marketing campaigns.

The chatGPT version:

Why should you use Elevar’s tracking for your Shopify store? 

Elevar’s tracking for Shopify stores is designed to track and measure the performance of your store, making it easier to monitor and optimize the performance of your store.

Elevar’s tracking for Shopify stores provides detailed insights into the performance of your store, including the number of visitors, the number of conversions, and the number of orders. This information can be used to identify areas of improvement and optimize the user experience. With Elevar’s tracking, you can quickly identify what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve the performance of your store.

Additionally, Elevar’s tracking for Shopify stores allows you to track and monitor the performance of your campaigns and marketing efforts. This makes it easier to identify which campaigns are performing well and which ones need improvement. This can help you to optimize your marketing efforts and ensure that you are getting the most out of your campaigns.

Overall, Elevar’s tracking for Shopify stores provides detailed insight into the performance of your store, allowing you to optimize the user experience and ensure that you are getting the best results from your campaigns.

And now, as promised…

A list of AI writing helpers:

  1. chatGPT – Research
  2. QuillBot – Paraphrasing
  3. StoryLab – Hooks and outlines
  4. Grammarly – Grammar/spelling
  5. Hemingway – Conciseness/clarity
  6. Power Thesaurus – Thesaurus
  7. Tweet Hunter – Content creation

Regarding AI: You may have seen this article from the NYT floating around – a scary encounter one reporter had with Bing’s AI. In addition, Bloomberg reports that more than one big media outlet is critiquing the way chatGPT learns, the Associated Press reports “glitches abound,” and Business Insider is reporting on how it works and what you can use it for. Everyone has an opinion!

And before we go…

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