Fix in Google Analytics Referral Sources

Fix attribution reporting in GA where is stealing last-click revenue attribution.

You may have already seen the cool payment feature on your Shopify store that expedites the checkout process for returning visitors offering them a text message prompt to complete their billing and saved shipping information:


But something that is not outlined is that you should be sure is excluded from your referral sources so it doesn’t show up as it’s own referral source like this:


Why is This Happening?

The user is losing their original traffic source after entering the text message code in the modal => which then updates their information in the checkout.

So their transaction results in now showing up as direct referral source during this checkout process.

You can also see this in your top conversion path report (note is always the last touchpoint!):


How to Fix Referral

Go to Google Analytics > Admin > Property > Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List > Add a new referral exclusion for


That’s it!

This will remove from your referral sources for all data moving forward and your proper channel will begin reporting last-click revenue.

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Brad Redding

Brad, Founder of Elevar, has lived in eCommerce for nearly 15 years. Today Elevar helps thousands of eCommerce brands like Rothys, Vuori, Cuts Clothing, and Vessi maximize the value of their onsite data collection. He specializes in data analytics and conversion optimization to help brands exceed their business goals.

  1. This was a great article! As I iron down my analytics reporting accuracy, this would have taken forever to isolate! I had added but not just the source URL. Thanks!

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